Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

This feature is hosted over at The broke and the bookish and this week the topic is the opposite of last weeks! Things that make you NOT want to read a book! Those things that make you say "nope" and put the book back on the shelf  (no matter how pretty the cover is...)

1. Love triangles. 
I've had about enough of love triangles. I'm done with them.

2. Whiny characters.
And sadly this one you usually don't find out about until you're already 2 or 3 chapters in!

3. Books where character obsesses over boy who dumped them.

4. Bad boys. 
Sometimes okay. Other times annoying.

5. Sports.
I suck at them and don't really get them and don't really wanna read about them... sorry.

6. Love at first sight.
It's not love, it's lust! 

7. Naked people on the cover.
I like to take my books wherever I go and don't want people coming up to me to ask me if what I'm reading has sex in it. (When obviously it does...)

8. Contemporary YA.
I just don't really relate to it anymore. Some of it's still good but most plots are to high school for me.

9. Boring characters. 
I can't stand boring characters with no sense of humor or no friends. 

10. Characters being hung up on their love interest.
I hate reading about these characters that basically dump their friends for their new fling. Shitty!

Some of these might/ probably are similar but I was just trying to get to 10! What are some of your book turn offs?