About Me/ Contact

I hate talking about myself cause I suck at it. But here goes...

I'm 18 and I love books. I am the only person who loves to read in my entire family, so you can bet I get picked on a lot. But its okay, I don't really mind it. I want to be a writer. (This also causes my family to lecture me about finding a "real" career.) Reading is my escape from reality.

I also am a huge fan of movies and music. I love any type of movies as long as their good. I love indie rock the best but I also like different types of music. I love coffee and Starbucks is my weakness. I LOVE to sleep. I love my dog as if he were my child. Sadly my hamster has passed but I still love the little guy and miss him a lot.

My personality...
I'm shy but not weak. I am very respectful if I'm being respected. I'm also very stubborn and way to sarcastic sometimes. I am really funny or at least I think so. I believe in doing the right thing even if the right thing is not good for me. I love laughing. I never cry, ever. And I mean that, so when something makes me cry I love it. (I'm weird, I know)

Well, I think that's good enough...

I started this blog for two main reasons :
  1. To record my feelings and opinions about books That I've read. I had a journal but its getting old and starting to rip.
  2. To share my opinion on books. I haven't found one other person who loves to read as much as I do. None of my friends or family members really understand why I love to read so much. I have no one to talk about books, So hopefully with this blog I'll get to put my opinion out there and get others opinions back as well.
I might be putting stuff on this blog that's not book related, like movies and other things. But this blog will mostly ( 90%) be about books.


There are a couple ways you can contact me or follow me
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or you can email me at Lennystew18@yahoo.com