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Hello! Welcome to my Get to Know Me page! Here I share a little imformation about myself!
  • I'm 24 years old!
  • I love book! that's why I started a blog about them!
  • I loe makeup. I own way, way too much and yet not enough...( I have a serious problem)
  • There isn't a day that goes by that I don't watch The Office. Not a single day. Micheal Scott is my spirit animal.
  • My pets are my children and I love them more than life itself.
  • I'm a Lord of the Rings geek. I know more about the history of Middle Earth than I do my own country's... (sad)
  • I'm obsessed (OBSESSED) with Disney World.

I took a long break from this blog but I'm back and so excited! I'm gonna try to keep this blog mostly books but have decided to incorporate other things that I love into it too! Sundays I will use as a free day and maybe post ramblings and reviews on makeup, movies, and other things that make me happy!

Also, I have created an instragram for this blog so if you'd like, please check it out and follow me!

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